• Are you planning on a trip to recharge your obsession for Vitamin-Sea? Do you want to explore a new place to go? Bangka can be your next destination for a short getaway. Here are our top 5 recommended activities to do in Bangka Island:

    Walk through the white sandy beach

    Discover a white sandy beach of Tanjung Berikat, a hidden gem about an hour road trip from the city. For you who love to just have a day at the beach without disturbance and enjoy a good swim, this place will be worthy of your visit and will be perfect for you.

    Discover shipwreck under the sea

    Underwater world fan must love this diving site! Ketawai Island is only 30 minutes boat trip from the Kurau Fisherman Village. Discover the beauty of coral reef and shipwreck from World War II.

    Back to nature

    Stroll down and get view of the luscious green grass and trees in Bangka Botanical Garden. This place also has other things to offer like the horse breeding, dairy farm, nursery garden, and fishing spots.

    Satisfy your taste buds

    Bangka Island is rich in culinary temptations. For a coffee lover, don’t miss a traditional coffee originated from Sungaiiliat in a coffee shop called Tung Tau Coffee.  Other notable yummy spots include Martabak Bangka Acau 89 for and also RM Seafood Asui.

    Visit the historical site

    Find out the place where our former President Soekarno lived in the days of his exile in Wisma Menumbing. Another 15 minutes from this historical place and you’ll find yourself at the top of the mountain.

    So there you go, top five things you can explore while in Bangka. This island is only an hour and ten minutes plane ride from Jakarta and is one of the must-visit destinations in Indonesia


    Bangka has become one of the most popular tourist sites in Indonesia thanks to its many pretty and exotic beaches and small islands. White sand, calm waves, big rocks, and shady trees at its beaches have become unique attractions. However, the island offers a lot more than that.

    Bangka Botanical Garden

    If you are in need of a getaway from the polluted air of the city, Bangka Botanical Garden is the right place to go. You can breathe the fresh air and enjoy luscious green trees. Pine trees are lined up neatly on the side of the road, a very nice background for those who love taking photos. The garden has an orchard for dragon fruits and others, as well as plants. There are fish ponds and cows which you are able to obtain fresh milk from. The garden is very popular at the weekends.

    Tin Museum

    Tin mining is one of the livelihoods of the majority of the people in Bangka, which started at the time of the Dutch colony. We can learn about the history of tin mining on the island. There is a miniature digging boat, mining equipment, and tin ores. It is a nice little museum for those who love learning about history.

    Parai Tenggiri Beach

    There are many beaches around the island, but this beach is number one. The beach is clean and very panoramic with big rocks and clear water. It is very comfortable to relax on the sand and the water is nice enough to swim in. There are also restaurants and resorts in the area, just in case you want to spend a night or two.

    Wisma Menumbing

    Bangka offers many historical sites as there is so much history on the island. One of them is Wisma Menumbing, which is where Soekarno was placed under house arrest before he became the first president of Indonesia. This happened when the Dutch was still in control of the country. Soekarno was one of the activists who fought for Indonesia’s independence.

    So come on, what are you waiting for? Plan your next trip here!





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