Step back in time and into the history of Bangka Island

Menumbing Heritage

Menumbing Heritage Hotel redefines historic luxury, taking you on an enthralling journey into the past with a great sense of personality and impeccable service. The iconic colonial architecture and the history behind it create a unique and pleasant atmosphere to make your stay not only comfortable but pleasantly memorable.Menumbing Heritage Hotel today embraces the new era of tourism and accepts the challenge to be a distinctively modern stay that is truly unique in Bangka Island.

After undergoing major restoration, Menumbing Hotel now welcomes you with a display of our art collection and classic photographs on the professional art gallery in the lobby, invites you for a memorable dining experience at (our restaurant), where we serve our signature dishes made from only the best local ingredients, and offer you a pleasant and comfortable stay in our beautifully designed rooms"Best Regards,"-Menumbing Heritage



Menumbing Heritage is the only hotel in Bangka for your historical and lavish retreat

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